Work in Progress

PLOEY 2 – Legend of the Winds

Gunnar Karlsson

When the world is threatened with an endless winter a young idealistic plover heads north in a fellowship of few feathered misfits to foil the plans of the evil Ice Queen to secure the arrival of spring.

Original title: LÓA – goðsögn vindanna
English title: 
PLOEY 2 – Legend of the Winds

Director: Gunnar Karlsson
Script: Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson, Ottó Geir Borg, Gunnar Karlsson

Producers: Hilmar Sigurðsson, Haukur Sigurjónsson
Coproducers: Viviane Vanfleteren
Production company: GunHil
Coproduction company: Vivi Film

Shooting format: GGI
Estimated start of shooting: January 2025
International sales and distribution: Playmaker – Munich

Contact: Moritz Hemminger –