Work in Progress

The Home

Mattias J. Skoglund

Joel thinks his troubles are over after securing a spot for his mother at the Pine Shadow dementia home, but the worst is yet to come. The Home is a chilling psychological horror that delves deep into the themes of love, friendship, and the universal terror of losing oneself.

Original title: The Home
Enskur title: The Home
Genre: feature-film

Director: Mattias J.Skoglund
Script: Mattias J.Skoglund og Mats Strandberg
Producer: Siri Hjorton-Wagner
Coproducers: Heather Millard og Þórður Jónsson

Production company: [sic] film
Coproduction company: Compass Films

Shooting format: 4K

Estimated start of shooting: 11.03.2024

International sales and distribution: Level K