Work in Progress

If These Walls Could Talk....?

Sveinn M. Sveinsson, Helga Guðrún Johnson

A 52 minute documentary about  one of the oldest building in Reykjavík, made from natural rocks 1872,  and the only building in Iceland that was built as a prison until 2016.
The second floor housed the local Police station, the Town Hall and the Supreme Court until 1949. The house was also the home of the prison guards and their families.  

The story will be told by mixing a third person VO and interviews with various people who have come to know the story of and within the building either as prisoners, employees or officials thought the years.  This is also the story of the judiciary system in Iceland from 1874 until this very day. It is very unique that in the center of the capital, in between shops, restaurants and bars, there has been an active prison operating since 1872.

Original title: Ef veggirnir hefðu eyru.... ?
English title: If These Walls Could Talk.... ?

Directors / Screenwriters: Sveinn M. Sveinsson, Helga Guðrún Johnson
Producer: Sveinn M. Sveinsson

Production company: Plús Film

Secured funding: Icelandic Film Centre
Production country: Iceland
Length: 52 min