Work in Progress


Jón E. Gústafsson

Two strangers get stuck in Iceland when an eruption grounds all flights. They steal a car to try to get to the volcano with lifechanging consequences.

Title: Anorgasmia
Genre: Road Movie

Director: Jón E. Gústafsson
Script: Karolina Lewicka, Jón E. Gústafsson
Producer: Karolina Lewicka
Coproducers: Jakub Rálek, Jón E Gústafsson

Director of photography: Graeme Dunn
Music: Tomas Valent
Cast: Mathilde Warnier, Edward Hayter
Costume design: Elín Reynisdóttir

Production companies: Artio Films, Great Canadian Film Factory, BFilm

International sales and distribution: TBA
National sales and distribution: Sena

Estimated length: 100 min.
Shooting format: 4k Digital
Screening format: DCP, Digital
Screening ratio: 2.00:1

Production countries: Iceland, Canada, Czech Republic 

Contact: Jón E. Gústafsson –