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Academy Awards 2024 – Icelandic Film and TV Academy calls for submissions

Submissions for films representing Iceland in the Best International Feature Film for the 2024 Academy Awards have been opened. The Icelandic Film and Television Academy (ÍKSA) is in charge of the selection, and filmmakers can submit their works until August 11.

According to the announcement by ÍKSA, all films that are 40 minutes or longer, and have been publicly screened in Iceland between December 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023, are eligible. The condition is that they have had at least a 7-day continuous run in cinemas. 

You can find more detailed information on rules and eligibility on the official site of the Academy Awards.

Rules and guidelines pertaining to the formation and operation of the selection committee.

The board of ÍKSA assigns a selection committee. It consists of members appointed by the professional associations of the Icelandic film industry, as well as representatives of the Icelandic Film Center, Association of Cinemas in Iceland and film critics.

All committee members must be Icelandic citizens. Committee members cannot have a professional relationship with a film that is considered for official selection. Committee members (including the chairperson) can only serve for six consecutive and/or cumulative years. After six years the selection committee members are required to take a two year hiatus.

• Association of Icelandic Film Directors

• Association of Icelandic Film Producers

• Association of Playwrights and Screenwriters

• The Icelandic Filmmakers Association

• Film critics

• The Icelandic Film Centre

• Association of Icelandic artists in the performing arts and films

• The Icelandic Cinematographers Society

• Representatives of cinemas in Iceland

The jury is formed at the beginning of each year by the ÍKSA board. Throughout the year, the jury undertakes the task of viewing all films screened in cinemas. In July, ÍKSA calls for submissions, with a submission deadline set for August 11, 2023.

Once submissions are received, the jury is provided with the names of the films, along with corresponding links and passwords to revisit and review them. Following the viewing process, the jury convenes for a series of meetings, the first of which entails an open discussion. During this discussion, each jury member selects their top two films.

The subsequent meeting centers on the shortlisted top films. Collaboratively, the jury engages in comprehensive deliberations, aiming to reach consensus on the final two films. An jury vote is then conducted, with the selected film requiring a minimum of 51% of the votes to secure its position.

This meticulous process ensures the careful consideration and evaluation of each film, culminating in the selection of a definitive entry by the jury.

The submission form can be found on the Eddan's website.

The announcement of Iceland's contribution to the Academy Awards will be made on September 12, 2023.

For any further information please contact eddan@eddan.is .