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BACKYARD VILLAGE wins two awards at Vienna Independent Film Festival

Marteinn Thórsson's feature film, Backyard Village, won Best Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay at Vienna Independent Film Festival (VIFF). The festival took place from November 1 - 4. 

Backyard Village was directed by Marteinn Thórsson and written by Gudmundur Óskarsson. They are also producers of the film for the production company Tender Lee and the coproduction company Hin íslenska frásagnarakademía.

Backyard Village trailer

Brynja finishes her stay in a health clinic in the village of Hveragerdi, Iceland, but is reluctant to return to her life in the capital so she takes lodgings in a small guesthouse. There she meets Mark, a tourist who, likewise, is reluctant to leave the nurturing community.