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  • Collage of Icelandic Films in competition in Nordisk Panorama 2023.


Five Icelandic films in competition in Nordisk Panorama

Five Icelandic documentaries and short films are in competition in the 34th edition of Nordisk Panorama, which takes place in Malmö, Sweden, September 21-26.

The festival kicks off with the Opening Night presentation of Fár, by Icelandic filmmaker Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter, which it shares with The Gullspång Miracle (dir. Maria Fredriksson) from Sweden.

The Following Icelandic shorts and docs are in the festival's competition this year.

Best Nordic Documentary

Soviet Barbara, the Story of Ragnar Kjartansson in Moscow (Soviet Barbara, sagan um Ragnar Kjartansson í Moskvu)

by Gaukur Úlfarsson


In 1992, only a week after the fall of the Soviet Union, the American soap opera Santa Barbara became for ordinary Russians a window into the western way of life and immensely popular with the nation. Thirty years later an Icelandic contemporary artist, Ragnar Kjartansson, brings the series to life.

The Home Game (Heimaleikurinn)

by Smári Gunnarsson and Logi Sigursveinsson

This feel-good sports doc is about one man's dogged attempt to finally stage a home game on the football pitch his father created 25 years earlier. By registering the non-existent team of their small town to the Icelandic FA Cup he gives himself a 50/50 chance to fulfill his fathers dream.

Best Nordic Short Film


by Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter


At a downtown café, three business colleagues discuss a future investment opportunity when a seagull hits the window right in front of them. Anna, one of the colleagues, is unable to shake off the incident.

New Nordic Voice

When the Trees Come (Þegar trén koma)

by Berglind Thrastardóttir


In Iceland trees are starting to grow across the barren landscape as glaciers melt. Rumours spread among children that the trees are bringing back the werewolves. One night young Þröstur wakes up to find blood in the bedsheets of his 13-year-old sister. His own sister, a werewolf? Menstruation has a magic dimension, linked even to the burden of an unwanted responsibility: the changing climate.

Young Nordic

Felt Cute (Sætur)

by Anna Karín Lárusdóttir

The 11 year old Breki is at constant odds with his older sister Bergdís, but all he wants is her validation. One day when she is out, Breki sneaks into her closet and makeup, leaving the room a mess. When the family returns to the scene, a series of events unfold leading to a long overdue confrontation between the siblings.

Nordisk Panorama is a Nordic documentary and short film festival. The Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Panorama Forum are held annually at the same time, along with seminars, lectures and many other events.