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French-Nordic rendezvous at Series Mania

Nordic and French producers convened at the Series Mania Forum in Lille on March 20, for a rendezvous organized by The French National Centre of Cinema (CNC), in collaboration with Nordic film institutes.

CNC has over the years partnered with international institutions and events to create tailor-made programs designed to stimulate creative collaboration across borders. The goal of the gathering was to foster collaboration, promote coproduction, and amplify the voices of diverse storytelling traditions.

Gísli Snær Erlingsson, Director of the Icelandic Film Centre, opened the event on behalf of Scandinavian Films, the umbrella organization of the five Nordic film institutes, where he underscored the importance of recognizing the immense potential within combined creativity.


Leading TV drama producers from France were joined by their counterparts from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, with the goal of inspiring innovation, and build bridges across borders.

Organized jointly by CNC, the Danish Film Institute, the Finnish Film Foundation, the Icelandic Film Centre, the Norwegian Film Institute, and the Swedish Film Institute, the gathering aimed to catalyze further collaboration and elevate the global impact of Nordic and French productions.