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Helga Arnardóttir selected for Nordic Script training programme

Icelander Helga Arnardóttir, TV reporter, news presenter and documentary filmmaker, is among twelve Nordic writers and producers/story-editors selected for the Nordic Script training programme , which kickstarts its‘ inaugural year-round programme on September 12 at Oslo Seriedagene.

Her first film as scriptwriter and producer, Birta by Bragi Thor Hinriksson, won Best Child Actor at the Schlingel Film Festival in Germany 2021. She holds a BA degree in French and political science and a MA in International Journalism from the City University of London.

The selected 12 participants of Nordic Script, powered by Nordisk Film &TV Fond, will be working with an established team of scriptwriting tutors: mentoring organiser Margrete Soug Kåset (Mammon 2, Monster, Himmelblå), Adam August (Follow the Money 3, Cry Wolf), and Maria Clauss (All That is Left, Beartown 2, Top Dog 2).

The writing single talents or teams have applied with a drama series project, to be developed at training and networking sessions taking place at Oslo Seriedagene (September 12-16), Göteborg Film Festival's TV Drama Vision (February 2023) and finally in Helsinki City, June 2023.

A total of 57 applications were submitted from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, of which 39 are female writers, story editors or producers.