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Iceland at Nordisk Panorama

A total of twelve Icelandic film projects will participate in this year's Nordisk Panorama, which takes place in Malmö, Sweden from September 16 - 21. Six films will compete for the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival Awards, four projects will take part in the Nordisk Panorama Forum, and two projects will pitch in the Nordic Short Film Pitch.

Films in the festival

IFC114_Frettabref_nordisk_PanoramaHatari, an anticapitalist, BDSM techno band, were chosen to represent Iceland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel. They turn heads and open minds with their in-your-face performance. But with 200 million people watching worldwide, Hatari found themselves unable to ignore the pressing politics of the Israel-Palestine conflict – so they resolved to make a difference. But will their message be able to pierce the shiny bubble of Eurovision?

Sunday, September 19, 20:00, Panora 1

International sales
LevelK (niklas@levelk.dk)

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Thorbjörn Steingrímsson has a strange passion for wrecked cars and his farm in the remote Westfjords of Iceland is full of them. Spare Parts is a collection of postcards from a place that some see as magical, while others find it to be nothing but a junkyard.

Saturday, September 18, 14:15, Panora 1

International sales
Raina Films (andy@rainafilms.com)

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A six-year-old boy of divorced parents spends a weekend at his father's farm. Not knowing how to connect with his son, the father treats the boy as any other farmhand. When they come across a wounded horse, they finally find a way to connect through the process of putting the horse out of its misery.

Saturday, September 18, 14:30, Panora 2
Sunday, September 19, 10:30, Spegeln A

Sales contact
Kári Úlfsson (kvarkifilms@gmail.com)

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A young couple, Anna and Gunnar, live in a society in which people are assigned new spouses by lottery every seven years. When it comes time for them to get new spouses, they are full of heartache, anxiety, and fear.

Friday, September 17, 20:30, Panora 2
Saturday, September 18, 10:30, Spegeln A

Sales contacts
Haukur Björgvinsson (haukurbjorgvins@gmail.com)
Tinna Proppé (tinnaproppe@sagafilm.is)

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On a foggy weekend, an old farmer and his dog duel with mortality.

Saturday, September 18, 18:15, Spegeln A

Sales contact
Ninna Pálmadóttir (ninnapalma@gmail.com)

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Two years after the mysterious disappearance of their eldest son, Lukasz, an immigrant family is still distraught. Kasia the mother, Tomek the father, and youngest child Patryk cope with their loss.

Saturday, September 18, 11:00, Ridhuset-Folkets Park

Sales contact
Anna Karín Lárusdóttir (annakarin@kvikmyndaskoli.is)

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Projects in the Forum

See Nordisk Panorama Forum for further information.

IFC114_Frettabref_nordisk_Panorama11Locked inside his body, speaking only with his eyes, Kalli proves that creative forces of artistic minds cannot be confined within bodily borders.

Director Fridrik Thór Fridriksson
Production company Ursus Parvus
Contact Hlín Jóhannesdóttir (hlin@ursusparvus.com)

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This is a story of friendship. Carinthia West, muse to rock icons like the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, opens up her archives and shares her candid, intimate photographs.

Director Ragnar Agnarsson
Production company Sagafilm

For further information contact
Margrét Jónasdottir (margretj@sagafilm.is)


Show me the beauty and the grief of the old people at Grund!

Director Yrsa Roca Fannberg
Production company Akkeri Films
Contact Hanna Björk Valsdóttir (hannabjork@gmail.com)

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Brandur, who is quadriplegic, and Alma, his girlfriend, leave Iceland for Nepal for a month of free therapy offered by Rahul, a mysterious healer who has promised he can get Brandur back on his feet within a year.

Directors Logi Hilmarsson, Christian Elgaard
Production company Vanaheimur
Contact Logi Hilmarsson (logihilmars@gmail.com)

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Nordic Short Film Pitch

See Nordic Short Film Pitch for further information  

Invasion of Nature
by Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter

A bird hits a café window, disrupting the customers. A woman faces a decision on whether to ignore nature or euthanize the bird.

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by Anna Ólafsdóttir

When the lower classes are destined to live underground in the future district of Westropia, River, a terminally ill woman, is forced to seek the assistance of a controversial institution on the surface that euthanizes humans for profit.

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