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Laufey Gudjónsdóttir and Lynne Ramsay receive Stockfish honorary award

Laufey Gudjónsdóttir, former director of the Icelandic Film Centre, and Lynne Ramsay, filmmaker, receive the honorary awards of the Stockfish 2024 film festival.

The Stockfish honorary awards are given for outstanding contributions to filmmaking. With them, the festival aims to give recognition to professionals who have excelled, whether in the fields of education, production, distribution, promotion, or film festivals, for their well-executed work in the interest of the film industry.

Laufey was the director of the Icelandic Film Centre from its establishment in 2003. She stepped down from the position in 2023. Laufey has over 30 years of experience in film and television content financing, television content acquisition, production, scheduling, film promotion, launching, and managing major cultural projects. She has also been a representative of various international associations in the fields of film, media, arts, and other creative disciplines.

Lynne Ramsay is a Scottish film director, writer, producer, and cinematographer. She was a guest of Stockfish back in 1997 under the former Reykjavík Film Festival. Her films are marked by a fascination with children and young people and the recurring themes of grief, guilt, death, and its aftermath. They are low on dialogue and explicit story exposition and use images, vivid details, music, and sound design to create their worlds. Lynne has received a BAFTA nomination for Best Director and Best Director prize at the British Independent Film Awards and a win for Best Film Screenplay at the Writer's Guild of Great Britain, among other awards.

The Stockfish film festival takes place from April 4th to 14th at Bíó Paradís.