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Open call for 15th edition of Skjaldborg - Icelandic Documentary Film Festival

Skjaldborg will return to Patreksfjördur from June 3 - 6 2022. The early bird deadline is March 18th 2022 and the regular deadline is April 19 2022. For submissions please visit www.skjaldborg.is

Skjaldborg premiers Icelandic documentaries with the aim to support the development of the Icelandic documentary scene. The two categories are Documentary Premiere and Work in Progress.

The Icelandic documentaries premiering at the festival compete for the coveted audience award Einarinn and Ljoskastarinn, the grand jury award.

Eligible films for Skjaldborg 2022 are:

- Icelandic documentaries which have not been screened publicly in Iceland and will not be screened before the completion of the Skjaldborg festival 2022

- Icelandic Documentaries that count as Icelandic productions, are made by Icelandic documentary filmmakers and/or cover Icelandic subject matters.

For further information please visit www.filmfreeway.com/Skjaldborg