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Thirteen documentaries to premiere at Skjaldborg festival

Skjaldborg - Icelandic Documentary Film Festival will launch its 17th edition in the town of Patreksfjordur in the Westfjords on Whitsun weekend, from May 17 -  20.

The festival presents new Icelandic documentary films, and also functions as a meeting point for documentarians and documentary enthusiasts. Thirteen documentaries will be premiered at the festival and works in progress will be introduced. Visit the festival's site for the programme .

This year's festival guests of honor are Joe Bini and Maya Daisy Hawke, award-winning editors who work in both documentary and narrative film and teach master classes, as well as create 'live cinema' film and lecture works. In addition to a master class with the honorees, two documentaries that they each edited will be shown: the Oscar-winning film Navalny (2022) by Daniel Roher, edited by Maya Daisy Hawke, and Grizzly Man (2005) by Werner Herzog, edited by Joe Bini, who has edited a total of 27 films by Herzog.

The first Skjaldborg festival was held in in 2007. The Icelandic documentaries premiering at the festival compete for the the coveted audience award Einarinn and Ljoskastarinn, the grand jury award.

Photo: Patrik Ontkovic