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Laufey Gudjónsdóttir steps down as director of Icelandic Film Centre

Laufey Gudjónsdóttir has stepped down as director of the Icelandic Film Centre. She has been at the helm of the Icelandic Film Centre since its inception 20 years ago, and has been instrumental in shaping policy and implementing various frameworks for the industry and film culture.

„I am humbled to have been trusted to set up the Film Centre and it's been a great honor to work with the forward thinking creative talents and industry experts that Icelandic film professionals are. Despite many challenges and throughout a constantly changing landscape, the Icelandic film industry has – with creativity and professional approach – been able to carve out a representation of Iceland on the global stage we are all extremely proud of.

I also consider myself fortunate to have worked with the incredible team at the Film Centre. Now I am happy to pass the torch over to my successor.

I am excited to step into this next phase and bring all the learnings with me as I explore new opportunities – but first, a short break.“

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